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Weight Loss
at Body & Spine Solutions

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Offering weight loss help!

Our office is proud to offer the best weight loss services available in the Long Island area today. Not only will you look better and reach your goal weight naturally, but you will feel better, have more energy, sleep better, live longer and become healthier than you have probably been in a long time. We take you, your goals and your health extremely serious and will be with you every step of the way.

With all the choices of weight loss programs out there today, why not choose one that has a record of success and completely focuses on your health so you can get to your desired weight.

Now is the time. Everything you have done to this point has gotten you to where you are right now. It’s time to make a change and we are here for you.

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Here is why our Weight Loss Programs are just what you need to reach your goals and regain not only the appearance you want but your overall health.

Personalized one-on-one Evaluations


One on One help with weight loss in East Setauke

You definitely want it to BURN FAT!

It’s time for you to find out why you aren’t losing your excess weight!

We have amazing tools available to help you get your body into the FAT BURNING MODE!

You can get blood tests, saliva tests, hair analysis, and various other tests to find out what deficiencies you have. Instead, why not analyze what you are putting in your mouth, the activities you are doing and how much sleep and exercise you are getting. Only then can you see what you are missing.

One of the many tools we have in our office is a very complex program that will do all of this for you. All you do is enter all your information, including what you eat and do every day, and press a button. The program then analyzes how these items influence your hormones and gives you instant feedback on what you need to add or change to get your body to burn fat.

This feedback is specific to you and you’ll meet one-on-one with our staff to explain exactly what your results mean for you. We can get to the bottom of your problems and determine what we can do to help you finally lose your weight and gain more energy!

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Inch loss & Cellulite Reduction Body Wraps

Lose 4″ to 14″ in One Hour!

Body Wrap at 3 Village Chiropractic Wellness & Weight Loss

Our Body Wraps are unlike anything you’ve heard about or experienced…This specific inch loss and cellulite reduction wrap was developed by a bio-chemist from the ULCA medical center. This wrap process was formulated to encourage circulatory and lymphatic flow in patients. Research showed that because of this increased flow of both the lymphatic and circulatory systems, the patients experienced cleansing of the tissues. This, in turn, caused healthy inch loss through internal cleansing.

It’s very typical to lose 4? to 14? in one hour. This is NOT weight loss, this is permanent inch loss! Not only does your body benefit internally from this Body Wrap, but the external benefits of contouring and inch loss make this wrap ideal!

Our Body Wraps use herbal formulations which work externally to internally. This type of wrap aids in the removal of wastes that have become trapped in vulnerable parts of your body. It’s basically a painless cleansing process of the tissue underneath the skin, and helps restore elasticity to loose, flabby skin. It does not dehydrate and age the skin. This is the healthiest type of wrap there is!

With our Body Wrap you will experience inch loss, diminishing of cellulite, and body contouring. These results can be permanent and are completely safe.This particular Body Wrap has been helping people lose inches for over 30 years!

Cellulite help in East Setauket

Myths About Cellulite

Myth 1: Cellulite is Fat.
FALSE! Cellulite is a sign of a toxic body, caused by uneven deposits in the connective tissue of the skin, edema, and lack of circulation.

Myth 2: Only Fat People Have Cellulite.
FALSE! Even skinny people have problems with cellulite. There are two types of cellulite: soft cellulite characterized by the “cottage cheese” like appearance, and hard cellulite that mostly affects individuals in good physical condition. Often times, hard cellulite is the most difficult to eradicate.

Myth 3: Cellulite Responds Well to Weight Loss & Exercise Programs.
FALSE! Since cellulite is not a fat condition but rather a buildup of toxins, cellulite is not affected by weight loss or exercise programs. The only way to eliminate cellulite is by detoxifying the body and increasing circulation to the affected areas.

Cellulite is often described as a condition of uneven fat deposits, water, and other wastes that have become trapped in connective tissues of your body, just below the surface of the skin. We all know it as cottage cheese thighs and orange peel skin, not a flattering look on anyone of any dress size.Studies have found contributors of cellulite include accumulations of toxins in your body and poor circulation. Loss of blood flow to an area, whether from lack of exercise, excessive sitting, clogged arteries, or nutrient deficiency, can have an impact on the formation of cellulite.

Our Body Wraps increase circulation and remove toxins from all areas of your body, two causes of that nasty cellulite!

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Customized Weight Loss Programs

Customized Weight loss available at Body & Spine Solutions

Have You Tried Every Fad Diet but Still Haven’t Lost Weight?

Or worse – did you lose weight and have it come roaring back shortly after?The truth is, you might have a specific health issue that is standing in the way between you and your ideal body.

We have GREAT news for you! Thanks to the amazing testing system in our office, we can determine exactly what is keeping you from losing weight.Together, we will customize a weight loss program specifically for your specific body and your goals.

For example, you might benefit from one of the following programs:

  • Candida Weight Loss Program
  • Hormone Balancing Program
  • Sugar Handling Program

We understand how unique your body is and we cater all our weight loss programs to fit you, and only you!

Call Body & Spine Solutions for customized weight loss programs!

Would you like to experience any of the following…?

  • Weight Reduction
  • Rid Yourself of Food Allergies
  • Increased Energy & Vitality
  • Lower Cholesterol
  • Improved Digestion
  • Improved Physical Appearance
  • Clearer Thinking
  • Eliminate Headaches
  • Clearer Skin

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Infrared Sauna Treatment

Keep Your Body in Fat Burning Mode to Keep Your Weight Off for Good!

Infrared sauna available at Body & Spine Solutions

One of our goals is to help you learn how to trigger your fat-burning hormones, this gives you the most effective leverage over fat-burning hormones. Your fat-burning hormones work through your live – that’s why it’s so important to do a cleansing program two to four times a year.

An essential part of cleansing and detoxifying your body is utilizing an Infrared Sauna.

What is Infrared?

Infrared is the band of light you perceive as heat. You can’t see infrared with the naked eye, but you can feel this type of light in the form of heat. The sun produces most of its energy output in the infrared segment of the light spectrum. Infrared rays heat your body without having to heat the air around you.

How Does an Infrared Sauna Aid Weight Loss?

Your body expends energy (calories) to produce sweat – 1 gram of sweat requires approximately 0.586 calories. A moderately-conditioned person can easily sweat of 1000 grams or more in one Infrared Sauna session. That’s the equivalent to running 10-15 kms! While this weight loss can be regained by re-hydration with water, the calories expended in the process will not come back. Sweating also allows the body to release built up toxins naturally, keeping your body cleansed even when not on a cleansing program.

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How Safe is an Infrared Sauna?

Because infrared is part of natural sunlight, Infrared Saunas are completely safe! Health professionals have used infrared heat lamps for decades to threat muscle and joint problems. In hospital baby care units, incubators are often equipped with infrared heating systems to keep newborn babies warm.

What is the Difference Between an Infrared Sauna and the Conventional Sauna at my Gym?

Whereas conventional saunas transfer heat by circulating hot air to warm your body from your head down, infrared saunas warm your body directly. This allows an in-depth heat in a more pleasant temperature, thus providing more health benefits and a highly enjoyable and comfortable environment.

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Whole Body Vibration

Accelerate Weight Loss and Cellulite Reduction in 10 Minutes!

What Does Whole Body Vibration Do?

Whole Body Vibration

Whole Body Vibration (WBV) offers a low-impacts way to increase strength, flexibility, and rejuvenate your body – in addition to increasing metabolism. WBV causes the muscles to experience an involuntary contraction at the same rate that the platform is vibrating. The mechanical stimulus produces a stretch reflex in 100% of your muscles. This means your muscles react to the vibration by contracting and relaxing automatically (like when the doctor hits your knee with a little hammer).

How Did WBV Come About?

WBV training was used in the 1960s by the Russian space program to help cosmonauts recover more quickly from muscle atrophy. Since then, Olympic athletes have adapted WBV into their workouts. Trainers and doctors have been using WBV for well over 40 years.

What Makes WBV Unique?

It’s a noninvasive workout that you don’t have to change into workout clothes for! It’s also a multifaceted tool that complements aerobics and strength training. It’s simply a great tool for a healthy lifestyle!

The Benefits of WBV

3 Village Chiropractic offers Whole Body Viberation

Accelerated Weight Loss: WBV stimulates all cells in your body to function at a higher rate, which in turn increases your metabolism causing more fuel to burn; therefore, accelerating weight loss.

Reduces Cellulite: WBV causes increased local circulation to all areas of your body, in turn giving visible cellulite areas a “smoother” look.Reduces Varicose Veins: WBV causes increased lymph drainage, which lowers the pressure in varicose veins so the valves of the veins can close off.

Increase Energy: WBV stimulates all cells in your body, increases blood flow and oxygen intake, and stimulates metabolism to help flush out toxins for a renewed vigor

Improves Muscle Strength: WBV improves muscle strength the same way regular exercise does. Vibrations lengthen and shorten the fibers depending on the frequency.

Enhances Wellness: WBV increases blood flow, lymph drainage, oxygenated cells, the release of endorphins, and detoxification of the body.Enhances Detoxification: WBV works from the inside out – waste products are expelled at a cellular, lymphatic and excretion level.

Improves Circulation: WBV improves circulation through increased blood flow by stimulating your exercise heart rate.Improves Relaxation: WBV increases circulation, blood flow and oxygen intake. WBV also reduces cortisol (the stress hormone) and creates and releases endorphins. It also detoxifies your body, enhancing relaxation.

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Self-Matsery Technology

Discover What You can Achieve When You Dare to RELAX!

Zenframes used at Body & Spine Solutions in Miller Place

How long have you dreamed of having a trim, fit body… kicking your smoking habit for good… living your life stress free… gaining freedom for your chronic pain… or otherwise changing your life? What if you discovered a way to achieve your goals in just a few minutes a day? Well now you can with an exciting new technology called ZenFrames.

The power of the mind is nothing new to science.

Self Mastery Technique in Miller Place

Doctors have known for decades that the mind has the power to help people lose weight, stop smoking, manage pain, overcome phobias, accelerate learning, and enhance athletic performance. The only problem was finding a way to harness that potential.

But now there’s ZenFrames, a new technology based on the research of the world’s leading universities. ZenFrames uses synchronized pulses of light and sound to deeply relax you while promoting optimum brainwave activity for learning, focus and memory. While the lights and tones soothe you, SMT (self-mastery technology) audio-sessions help focus your mind so you can finally release unwanted habits and get more of what you want out of life. And, because the effects are cumulative, there’s virtually no limit to how good you can feel or what you can achieve!

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So what is your next step?

Call Body & Spine Solutions today at (631) 675-2910 and tell us that you want to fill out a symptom assessment form so we can determine what will be the best program for you and your particular needs. Our team will then begin to work with you on a one-on-one basis so you can attain your goals.

Still not sure?

Not a problem. You are invited to one of our FREE weight loss seminars where you will leave with some incredible information to get you on a path to a healthy weight. You will learn how to:

  • Transform your body from a fat storing machine to a fat burning machine!
  • Overcome your uncontrollable cravings for food!
  • Get rid of belly fat once and for all!
  • Arrive at your goal weight!
  • Finally sleep naturally through the night so you have plenty of energy during the day.

Like we said, this seminar is free and there is no obligation to buy anything, so call Body & Spine Solutions today for available dates. This is a very popular seminar and seating is limited, so call now.

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