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Your nervous system is made up of trillions of cells called neurons. These neurons make up your brain, your spinal cord, and each of the nerves that branch throughout your body. Your nervous system makes it possible for you to walk, talk, breathe, and eat. Without nerves, you wouldn’t just lose the ability to “feel” things – you wouldn’t be able to live! Neuropathy occurs when some of these nerves get damaged, whether from poor circulation, physical injury, or nutritional deficiencies.

Your nerves run all the way from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. To wiggle your toes, your brain must transmit a signal all the way down your spinal cord, through your legs, and into your feet. If anything disrupts this signal along the way, your nerves won’t function as they should. Though nerves can be damaged in any part of your body, the hands and feet are the most commonly affected. This is because the hands and feet are the farthest away from your heart (receiving the least circulation) and your brain/spinal cord (receiving the weakest signals).

If the nerves in your hands or feet are damaged, you may experience the unpleasant sensations of prickling, tingling, numbness, or even severe pain. This is known as peripheral neuropathy. However, neuropathy can also affect the internal nerves that regulate your vital organs. If this happens, you have autonomic neuropathy.

Neuropathy affects more than 20 million Americans, or 1 in every 15 people. Though it can occur at any age, it’s more common among older adults. It’s one of the most common medical problems that you probably don’t know much about. Unlike other common ailments – heart disease, cancer, etc. – neuropathy is rarely fatal. Though your neuropathy probably won’t kill you, it can significantly reduce your quality of life. When neuropathy affects your feet, you may find that it’s painful to walk, run, or do the types of things that you would like to do. The discomfort alone can make it difficult to get out of bed in the morning!

Depending on which nerves are damaged – and how badly – many different symptoms can result. If your hands or feet are affected by peripheral neuropathy, you may experience:

  • Numbness
  • Insensitivity to pain or temperature
  • Tingling, burning, or prickling (aka “pins and needles” sensations)
  • Sharp pains or cramps
  • Extreme sensitivity to light touch
  • Loss of balance or coordination

Some people find that these symptoms are worse at night. Others find that their symptoms are dependent upon the temperature, time of day, or their level of physical activity. Numbness, tingling, or pain from neuropathy can be scary, especially when you don’t know what’s going on or who to ask for help!

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